terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

#2 Aproach >> Moodboard?

Wikipédia says:

"A mood board is a type of poster design that may consist of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition of the choice of the mood board creator. Designers and others use mood boards to develop their design concepts and to communicate to other members of the design team. The mood board may be used as a frame of reference during the design process in a variety of abstract disciplines, for example:

•Interface design
•Brand design
•Marketing communication (commercials)
•Video game


Mood boards are often used by graphic designers to enable a person to illustrate visually the direction of style which they are pursuing. However, mood boards can also be used to visually explain a certain style of writing, or an imaginary setting for a storyline. In short, mood boards are not limited to visual subjects, but serve as a visual tool to quickly inform others of the overall 'feel' (or 'flow') that a designer is trying to achieve. Creating mood boards in a digital form may be easier and quicker, but physical objects often tend to have a higher impact on people because of the more complete palette of sensations physical mood boards offer, in contrast with the black & white or color-prints of a digital mood board.
Christina Aguilera uses mood boards to plan her albums. Stephen Webster, was inspired by Christina Aguilera's mood board and created his jewelry line from it."

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  1. vou passando para comentar e ser melhorado.
    Não esquecer que a definição é própria ou pessoal, ainda que sustentada em definições de autores e profissionais. Sempre que o texto é copiado textualmente deve ter aspas, sob risco de ser considerado plágio.
    Não esquecer de inserir exemplos e de os comentar. E aguardo para ver o próprio.
    Bom trabalho.
    Vou passando.

  2. Obrigada. Vou seguir os seus conselhos.
    Até já.